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healthy lives come together

Here at the Tendik Project, we're committed to serving Tendik Village in northern Kyrgyzstan through medical care and health education. We approach service in a way that values the dignity of every person uplifts relationships between staff and patients.

We opened the Tendik Family Medicine Center in December, 2014. We provide primary care, home visits for new mothers and people with disabilities, health screenings, and public health education. 

Our team of international volunteers and local staff are committed to using evidence-based medicine and community development principles to further our mission of improving health for bodies, minds, and communities. 

The Tendik Family Medicine Center is a project of the Araketke-Bereket Charitable Fund, in cooperation with the government of the village of Tendik and the Maevka Region of Kyrgyzstan. 

Our Services

Primary Care Consultation

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday9.00-12.3013.00-16.00

  • Tuesday: 9.00-13.00

Home Visits

  • available by appointment. 


We are closed on all holidays of The Kyrgyz Republic.

Consultations are free of charge to the residents of Tendik village.


However, please donate to the clinic services if you are not from the village of Tendik.

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Contact Us

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All of Araketke-Bereket's projects, including The Tendik Project are supported by charitable donations. Please consider supporting this work by contributing to The Tendik Project through The New Horizons Foundation

New Horizons is a U.S.-registered 503(c) charitable organization. 

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