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Rory Gwin

Family Practice Doctor

Tendik Medical Center Director

Dr. Rory was born in the U.S. and received her medical degree from the University of Minnesota. She practiced medicine in St. Paul, Minnesota until moving to Central Asia in 2004. She enjoys living in Kyrgyzstan with her husband and four children. She speaks Russian and Spanish and is studying Kyrgyz. 

She has been the Tendik Family Medical Center Director since it began construction in 2013. 

Dr. Rory and the Tendik Team are looking for medical professionals to partner with in serving the people of northern Kyrgyzstan with high-quality medical care in ways that promotes Araketke-Bereket's core values.

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All of Araketke-Bereket's projects, including The Tendik Project are supported by charitable donations. Please consider supporting this work by contributing to The Tendik Project through The New Horizons Foundation

New Horizons is a U.S.-registered 503(c) charitable organization. 

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